At onemile designs, we will manage the entire design phase right through to the start of construction, including: structural engineering, bushfire analysis, storm water drainage design, statement of environmental effects, BASIX Assessment, Energy rating Assessment, Complying development documentation, lodgement of design documentations & liaising with council & certifying authorities.

Initiate surveyor

We will call for tenders from local surveyors to pick up the site detail for your house, this can also help in finding hidden issues to be resolved at the start of the project rather than at later stage, which will save in overall costs.

Preliminary site analysis

We will make a site visit and prepare sketches and documents to provide you with the constraints and opportunities available on your site, allowing the most appropriate design for your site.

Concept sketches

We will come up with a preliminary design and work with you to come up with the most appropriate layout

Design drawings

We take the concept sketches and turn them into a digital 3D file that will be used to produce all the plans required for the development application. At this stage you will get a chance to pick different materials you would like to use for the finishes on your project and see how everything will look with 3D visuals of the project, which will help you get a better understanding of what your house will look like in detail.

Development application/complying development

We will work out the best option to proceed to get your approval in a timely manner through complying development or development application. We will put together a package with the design drawings and all other required documentation, such as statement of environmental effects, bushfire assessment (if applicable) and any other documents required for your house, to be lodged with council or the appropriate certifying authority

Construction certificate documentation

Once the development application has been approved, we can engage engineers and other consultants to prepare documents ready for the construction certificate approval.

Contractor selection

We will compile a short list of suitable builders for your particular project, call for tenders and provide you with feedback and advice.